Gayme Nite: New Year New Me


Ladies and is a BRAND NEW YEAR!!!! While the Holigays have kept us busy, we're back to celebrate all the things that make Gayme Nites the best Tuesday night around. Smash Bros. battles, cocktail menus, group selfies, Pokemon Go shenanigans, bumpin' music, cheap drinks, free food, and that nerdy atmosphere is back for your pleasure!

Starting 9PM it's that classic 50% off ALL beverages all night long, including shots (and who doesn't wanna celebrate a new year of gaming with shots?!). We'll also feature our highlight concoctions of the year with a $5 Signerdture Cocktails menu! And of course free pizza at 10PM and snacks abound.

Around the bar we'll have the Nintendo 64 / WiiU / PlayStation 3 hooked up for your playing pleasure. Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Pokken Tournament, GoldenEye, Pokemon Stadium, Marvel VS. Capcom, and many more! Other systems available upon request. If you're playing Pokemon Sun or Moon be sure to bring in your 3DS to battle and trade with the other Alolans!

See you gaymers soon!


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